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Solid State Drives (SSD) These hard drives use special kind of semiconductor devices with erasable, writable cells of high storage capacity and currently being used in Laptop Computers, digital cameras and camcorders.

SSD Data Recovery

Because Solid State Drives has no mechanical components, data is not lost in the same ways as in a standard mechanical hard drive. Solid State Drives are affected in different ways depending on factors such as:  The firmware that makes it operational, the physical construction of the solid state drive, where and how the drive is installed in the host for data storage. The operating system installed, virus infectons etc.

Solid State Drive Data Recovery Are Chanllenging

Why data recovery on solid state drives are chanllenging? Solid state drives are manufactured by many companies and each brand of solid state drive has its own propriatary softwate firmware. Keeping in mind that firmware is pure software and this software will determine and handle the type of virtual file system that will be created to run an operating system or simply to store data.

Now that we know this...we also know that some software are written better than others and from time to time there are updates to the software that corrects issues that arise during the lifespan of the solid state drive.  Due to the firmware...solid state drive data recovery can be very chanllenging.


Solid state drive data recovery experts at practice

Due to the propriatary software firmware on solid state drives, data recovery experts relies on information provided by the solid state drive manufacturer. The truth and the fact is that information provided by these solid state drive manufacturers are sometimes misinformation, outdated or they are not willing to provide details at all.

How Laboratory Data Recovery Experts overcome these factors? Because of the lack of information, Data Recovery Experts are quite often performing reverse engineering to learn the inside and detailed specifics of solid state drives.  The finding of our Data Recovery Experts are safeguarded in detailed documentations for our eyes and brains only.


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